Pycnopodia helianthoides

The Madreporite Nexus

This page provides a gateway to pages on a few of my interests. Why Madreporite Nexus? The madreporite is the only assymetrical external feature of the starfish (it looks like a differently-colored spot, just off-center on the upper surface). You can see it as the prominent dot on the starfish in the margins—it's not visible in the picture above. It's the only way we humans can tell which way a starfish is going, and if you care about how starfish find their way, that's important. So use the madreporite to find your way from here.

I used to have a picture of a starfish here, each ray leading to a different interest. Well, five rays is not enough anymore. That's why Pycnopodia helianthoides, the sunflower star, is my new mascot.

Starfish Science — things you ought to know about starfish. Also, notes from my own research.

Role-Playing Games — a collection of Rolemaster resources, HARP resources.

Dundjinni — a set of tutorials for the map-making program Dundjinni.

Institute for Laser Pointer Studies — results of our research into the use of laser pointers (as reported in the New Scientist, Aug 19, 2000).

Insteon — notes and resources on programming for the Insteon home automation system.

WebOS — information and source code for my app for WebOS, Clear Weather.

Jonathan Dale

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